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Life Insurance and Annuity Solutions

Policy Administration

Plan Administration

Increased speed to market. Lower costs. Reduced risks. Unparalleled data accuracy. That's AFAS Policy Administration from Andesa.

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Plan Administration


The ADASTAR Q+ system lets you meet the recordkeeping requirements of non-qualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans.

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Support Services

Support Services

Andesa provides a full suite of support solutions for carriers and producers, including consultative services and pre-sale and in-force illustrations.

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Read Success Stories

“Andesa has been outstanding in working through the challenges with respect to our project. I am particularly impressed by the ability to problem solve and deliver on commitments. We are looking forward to a successful implementation and a continued strong relationship.”

“Andesa gave us good tools that we can use — or our clients can use — to make the whole process better.”

“We love the ADASTAR Q+ Plan Administration System. It gets high marks from me and my group.”

“Andesa has responsive personnel who care about making things right.”

“We appreciate the partner relationship that we have with Andesa, rather than a typical vendor and client business arrangement.”

“Andesa, in my mind, exemplifies how a business partnership should work. They’re certainly interested in our success – the more successful we are at maintaining our business, the better it is for them.”

“Andesa has a client-oriented staff that can adapt to our business needs and is willing to think outside the box.”

“I think of Andesa as a firm which has a soul – that is to say it has incorporated into its operating procedures strong core values, which, for us include honesty, respect, integrity, responsibility, courage and initiative.”

“We’ve had a very successful first week on the Andesa system. The EB Operations associates are feeling upbeat, have provided extremely positive feedback, and are impressed with the system’s ease of use and accurate processing.”

“For reporting, Andesa’s policy administration system makes more data readily available: things like paid to date, beneficiary information and portability. It is also much easier to run a report at the case level and get all the groups and sub groups.”

“The client service at Andesa continues to blow my expectations out of the water. They are knowledgeable, responsive and could not possibly deliver better service to me and my team.”

“Andesa is continually thinking of ways to make our jobs easier.”

“Andesa’s flexibility and knowledge of our product line, coupled with overall industry knowledge, makes doing business easy.”

“Andesa does a great job of recovering and reacting. Any time I have ever had a critical need, it was addressed immediately.”

“I like the fact that Andesa’s policy administration system lets me find all relevant information on one page, rather than 100 screens. It’s a lot easier.”


“Andesa has flexible systems and a knowledgeable and responsive staff.”

“We can change priorities quickly and Andesa is able to react as needed. Andesa is always looking for ways to improve the tools they offer.”

“The Andesa staff is exceptional. They have helped me and my team tremendously over the past year.”

“Andesa approaches the engagement in the spirit of a true partnership.”

“Thank you to the Andesa team for an exceptional job done with the conversion.”

“Issuing policies in bulk is a real pleasure.”

“Andesa’s AFAS Policy Administration system is a big improvement from our old system.”

“Andesa works to meet all timelines and shows a committed effort to helping the customer.”

“All of the on-demand, web-based tools make Andesa’s services easy to use.”

“Andesa has many talented and professional staff members. They are quick to respond to issues and work hard to resolve them.”

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