Integrated New Business Portal

Introducing Andesa’s Integrated New Business Portal, a web-based service designed to increase efficiency and data accuracy in life insurance enrollment and new business processing.

“The Integrated New Business Portal represents a true ‘win-win-win’ when it comes to enrollment and new business processing. The workload on brokers is reduced, end customers enjoy a streamlined experience and carriers consistently receive In Good Order data.”
– Andesa Services EVP Vince Collier

The Integrated New Business Portal uses intelligent, rules-based forms to ensure that leading life insurance carriers consistently receive complete, 100 percent In Good Order electronic new business data, regardless of the number or complexity of applications.

The result is a dramatic decrease in costs and manual processes compared to paper or traditional electronic forms, as well as a marked head start in the underwriting process.

Full integration with policy admin, illustration & reporting

Click here to learn why Lincoln Financial Group uses the Integrated New Business Portal and Policy Self-Service Portal.

The Integrated New Business Portal is fully integrated with Andesa’s secure, cloud-based illustration, policy administration and reporting solutions, allowing for automated support of the entire new business process from the point of entry of the census for illustrations to the actual issuance of policies.

Accurate data. Reduced cycle times. Efficient management.

The Integrated New Business Portal’s In Good Order Upload feature allows distributors to advance their paper-based application submissions, reduce processing time and submit a 100 percent In Good Order electronic data feed. Likewise, e-signature capabilities (built on Silanis‘ industry-leading technology platform) allow end users to attach legally binding, trackable electronic signatures to enrollment documents, further increasing In Good Order percentages.

This presents carriers with a tremendous advantage, giving them an immediate jump-start on MIB and Labs requirements, direct loading of forms into imaging systems and an acceleration of the entire underwriting process.

Integrated New Business PortalIn Good Order, simply. Contact us to learn more.

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